6 mindfulness practices that will bring inner harmony

No matter how chaotic life can get, we need tools to help bring us back to our centre and ground us. Mindfulness practice is a great start for this. Life can get stressful at the moment, though it always passes. A popular quote is ‘You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass – Timber Hawkey. When we are in the storm, it feels like a big dust storm in our minds. Thoughts are flying around everywhere, not making any sense at all. The idea of mindfulness is to calm this dust storm down enough to let the thoughts settle and allow the breath to slow down.

Below are 8 tips I find to help clear the dust storms quickly. They will not get rid of the storm you might be in now, though it will help bring more calmness and clarity. These mindfulness tips might even help you make better decisions on how to move forward quicker. Do remember whatever storm you find yourself in now, it will soon pass. Whether it takes hours, days, months, or even years it will not be forever. And the good thing about these storms is you will become a stronger person from them and be able to help other people going through similar situations as yourself. Do speak to others you feel safe to speak to and seek help if you are stuck in areas where you feel like you cannot move forward. Remember there are many others who have experienced where you might be now in life. Never be afraid to ask for help. You might seem weak for doing so but it is the opposite, it is a strong bald move to ask for help.

6 mindfulness practices that will bring inner harmony


Take some time out, even it is just for 2 to 5 minutes. Concentrate on your breath. Inhaling in as deep as possible, holding your breath, and exhaling as much out as you can. Bring your full concentration to your breath and allow the thoughts to disappear while you bring your concentration to your breathing. This can be practiced many times throughout the day when you feel your mind is getting consumed by thoughts.

Get out into nature

Get out into nature as it is full of negative ions, which help keep our mind, body, and spirit into balance. Practice mindfulness in nature by taking extra note of the trees, plants, wildlife, sky, and smells where you are. What can you hear and how does the weather feel on your body?

Move your body

Movement can help remove stagnation, stress, and tension in the body and help thoughts flow more easily. Try going for a walk, doing some stretches, or a yoga class. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of movements and exercises every day.

Eat mindfully

Turn off the screens (computer, phones, and tv) and enjoy your meal in the moment. Focus on the tastes, smells, and chewing your food. Enjoy the food your eating, enjoy the moment. This can also assist with better fat loss and digestion as your digestive system is more switched on when you are focused on just your food. Watching tv, browsing Facebook, or emails can send stress chemicals slowing down digestion and heighten your stress levels.

Set boundaries for screen time

Screen time can keep us overwhelmed with an overload of information. Schedule screen time and set boundaries. Try to keep the mobile away from you at bedtime and keep the first 1 hour of the day to yourself away from the screen as you set the day to be more positive and focussed.

Be kind to yourself

Be easy on yourself. Sometimes when we overthink, we can be self-critical of ourselves. We can say things to ourselves, we would never say to anyone else. We can often have negative emotions of stress, worry, anxiety, envy, hate, sadness, confusion, disappointment, and loneliness, etc. When we take the time to focus on these emotions, instead of putting it aside we can work through them much easier. What can you actively do right now that would assist with the emotion you are feeling now? What would you tell someone else?

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