The herb for dreams and healing

I have been out collecting the aerial parts of the Californian poppy and some seeds for replanting and wanted to share a little about this calming sleeping herb.

In The Wizard of Oz before the castle there was a meadow of poppy’s surrounding the castle that would make everyone fall asleep, that would best describe and remember this herb. Californian poppy also has a euphoric action on the body relieving tension bringing a sense of happiness and calmness. Californian poppy is one of my favourite calming happy herbs for sure.

California poppy is a real calming sedative muscle relaxing herb due to its higher levels of catecholamines released in extraction which also brings out some very interesting dreams. This herb is also good for any pain related to the nervous system such as sharp pains and discomforts and is also great for relieving anxiety and stress. This is the herb I use sometimes in my sleep tonics and for shingles, sciatica and neuralgia.The Native Americans would use the aerial parts of the herb to help relieve toothaches and pain. Californian poppy has also shown some positive results in calming children down who are more on the hyperactive side.

Enjoy a cup of Californian poppy tea just before bed for a deep sleep and to enhance your dreams. Dreams are a great place to listen to your subconscious mind, they tell us a lot of things that can help in our waking hours.