Meditation is the Key to Inner Peace – Here’s how to do It

You know meditation is good for you, yet you have no idea where to start. All you know about it is you sit still and breathe, but it’s so much more than that. Most people that dive into meditation without knowing what to expect don’t make it. They don’t know how to quiet their mind so they give up.

The key is knowing the basics of meditation. Read on to learn more.


How to Meditate


1. Find your spot

Don’t meditate just anywhere, find a spot that that is just yours and that you can claim as your ‘quiet space.’ You don’t need any fancy equipment, just an area you can be free of distraction and feel comfortable.


2. Sit comfortably

If you sit on the floor, make sure your legs can cross comfortably and if you sit in a chair, make sure your feet can firmly touch the ground.


3. Get your body comfortable

When you sit down, you should be able to completely relax your legs and arms and sit with a straight spine. Your arms should be able to rest in your lap with your palms facing up.


4. Situate your head so that you can gaze downward

You can close your eyes, but you don’t have to if you aren’t comfortable. The idea is to relax your mind and body so you can go inward and focus on your breath. Some people focus better keeping their eyes open but their gaze down and others must close their eyes.


5. Focus on your breathing

When you meditate, your breath should be deep and meaningful. Be aware of every breath you take. Every time you breathe in, your belly should rise and when you exhale, your belly should go in. If you don’t notice your belly moving, take deeper breaths.


6. Keep your mind focused

You are now in meditation and should keep focusing on your breathing. It’s natural for your mind to wander, but stay aware and gently guide yourself back to focusing on your breathing when it happens.


7. Don’t judge yourself

It’s easy to get upset with yourself or judge yourself when your mind wanders, but don’t. Instead, give yourself some grace and go back to focusing on your breath gently. If you find that you can’t right now, try again later. It’s not a contest. With time, you’ll be able to increase how long you can meditate.


Meditating is Good for the Soul

Today, everyone could use some time breathing deeply, focusing on their breath, and quieting their mind. Meditation helps bring you back to your center, making you aware of what your mind and body need without the distraction of the outside world.

Think of meditation as a time to connect with your soul. It’s a time to refresh and focus solely on you and no one else. Gift yourself this time at least a couple of times a week to help yourself relax, unwind, and become aware.


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