Suzanna's Natural Life Herbal Tonics

Suzanna blends all her own tinctures and extracts from the cleanest organic herbs, spices, berries and seeds sourced from Australia and around the world where they grow best due to climate and different ecosystems. A combination of herbs have been used for their specific healing properties and nutrients specific to each blend to assist the body in its own healing process. Tinctures and extracts are the quickest and most absorbable way to receive the many healing properties of herbs. The process of extracting and making tinctures takes between 4 and 8 weeks to complete full extraction of the herbs water soluble andnon water soluble constituents.

Suzanna’s Natural Life extracting process also takes on the energetic properties of each herb which is possible with the 4 to 8 week process and special processes that are in place to make sure you get the most pure active tonic for the best results. This process assists each herbal tonic to work on physical, emotional and energetic levels. After complete extraction of the herbs only the plant fibers remain which are then recycled into compost for the next round of herb growing.

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Calm & Clear Herbal Tonic

This tonic assists with calming and clearing the mind...

$ 56.00

Male Herbal Tonic

Male tonic is nourishing and healing for optimum male...

$ 56.00

Female Balance Herbal Tonic

This female tonic nourishes and replenishes, promoting...

$ 56.00