The liver herb for better digestion

Milk Thistle also known as St Mary’s Thistle, pretty yet if you were to come across one quite prickly.

This is one herb you may like to consider, especially if you have had a rough festive season with some alcohol and over indulgence.

Milk Thistle is a herb I select sometimes when making liver tonics because of its protective properties it has on the liver. Milk thistle has a constituent called silymarin which gives milk thistle its great antioxidant action that scavenges and collects free radicals. Silymarin is found in the seed part of Milk thistle, which is what is used for the medicinal properties and benifits it has on the liver.

Why use Milk Thistle?

The liver has a big job it is the organ that helps to metabolise carbohydrates (sugar), proteins, fats and vitamins from the food that we consume. The liver also has the job of cleaning up and self-detoxing from toxins produced from within and outside the body. Although our liver does a great job of self-detoxing it can get sluggish easily from the environment we are in, lifestyle factors, diet, alcohol, medicines and drugs that may be present in our life.

In this ever fast paced life our liver is always being pushed to the limit. I always suggest supporting and protecting the liver to support digestion and good health from time to time with good foods and herbs such as milk thistle, milk thistle gives the liver a little breather, support and love.

Milk thistle is also in my new range of Suzanna’s Natural Life detox boost and herbal teas to heal, restore and nourish the elimination organs.

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“The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.” – Harry J. Johnson


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