Memory Boost Powder

100g - 20 servings per pack

This boost will soothe and nourish the nervous system increasing clarity, energy, and mind strength for optimal cognitive health.



Organic Ingredients*

Herbs: Siberian ginseng*, Ginkgo*, Holy basil*, Bacopa*, Rhodiola*, Schisandra*, Withania*, Gotu kola*. Greens: Barley grass*, Spirulina*. Fruit and Vegetables: Beetroot*, Carrot*, Gooseberries*, Goji berries*, Acai berries*.


Servings size per pack:

33 servings per pack (3g), for every day use. 

20 servings per pack, (5g), for an immune super boost.

Each (3g) serving is equivelant to; 126g of fresh herbs, 240g of fresh greens, 120g of fresh fruit.

Each individual herb, greens, and fruit powder used is up to 20 times more concentrated then the raw material giving you a higher dose of nutrients in each serve to help you in feeling your best. 


About the ingredients:

Herbs to help heal, restore, nourish and boost the body

Siberian ginseng, rhodiola, withania and goji berries act as a tonic for the whole body increasing vitality and assisting the body in times of stress increasing mental clarity and cognition. Ginkgo and holy basil increases cerebral circulation to the brain and are both protective on the nervous system enhancing cognition and reducing brain fog. Bacopa and gotu kola nourishes the nervous system helping to reduce anxiety while improving cognition and mental concentration. Schisandra and spirulina nourish the nervous system and assist the body to produce glutathione which help detoxify and improve mental clarity.


Greens to help alkaline, detox and remineralise the body

Barley grass and spirulina help alkalise the body assisting in reducing mental fatigue. Spirulina and goji berries are a great source of protein increasing mental energy. Polysaturated fats found in spirulina help to protect the brain and nervous system. Spirulina also helps prevent toxicity by assisting the body in chelating toxic heavy metals from the body.

Spirulina, goji berries, gooseberries, gingko and holy basil are packed full of antioxidants assisting in preventing oxidative damage and age related diseases. Gooseberries and goji berries are also a good source of iron helping to assist oxygen transport to the brain improving mental cognition and clarity. Goji berries also help the liver to produce choline which assists with protecting the brain.


Fruit and vegetables for a vitamin and antioxidant boost

Beetroot increases blood flow to the brain and assists in preventing aged degeneration in the mind. Carrot contains luteolin to help reduce age related inflammation.


Product disclaimer:

Boost powders are to assist in maintaining health and do not claim to cure any acute or chronic health issues. Check with your health practitioner to work through health issues that require practitioner assistance. Be sure to check if this boost powder is suitable for you if you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant, on medication and / or dealing with complex health issues. If you have any unexplained symptoms please check with your Doctor or Specialist. Contact the Green Naturopath for further information.