Energy Boost Powder

100g - 20 servings per pack

This boost will leave you feeling calm and energised as it nourishes and replenishes the body with nutrients leaving you with a healthy buzz.



Organic Ingredients*

Herbs: Gotu kola*, Licorice*, Withania*, Reishi, Siberean ginseng*, Rhodiola, Shisandra*, Matcha*. Greens: Spirulina*, Barley grass*, Wheat grass*. Fruit and Vegetables: Beetroot*, Lemon, Coconut water.


Servings size per pack:

33 servings per pack (3g), for every day use. 

20 servings per pack, (5g), for an immune super boost.

Each (3g) serving is equivelant to; 126g of fresh herbs, 240g of fresh greens, 120g of fresh fruit.

Each individual herb, greens, and fruit powder used is up to 20 times more concentrated then the raw material giving you a higher dose of nutrients in each serve to help you in feeling your best. 


About the ingredients:

Herbs to help heal, restore, nourish and boost the body

Energy boost is more about restoring the organs of vital energy and healing producing better cell health for optimum energy and wellbeing, instead of the adrenal depleting quick energy pick me ups most commonly used. Gotu kola, schisandra and siberean ginseng are calming and replenishing on the nervous system and help the body adapt to stress and change while nourishing the body with healing properties. Licorice, withania and reishi act as a tonic for the whole body and help boost and keep the immune system strong and vital. Rhodiola is an all over tonic high in antioxidants and great in times of increased stress and physical performance. Matcha a powdered green tea leaf which is high in antioxidants and chlorophyll protecting the body from acidity, toxicity, free radical damage and stress.Matcha green tea leaf contains caffeine and L-theanine which releases a gentle stimulating effect not impacting the adrenal glands like some other caffeine beverages do. Matcha instead replenishes the body with its high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids giving a slower more stable release of energy and wellbeing


Greens to help alkaline, detox and remineralise the body

Energy boosts green mixture of Spirulina, Barley grass and Wheat grass helps to improve detoxification and digestion assisting in nutrient absorption. High in protein, minerals and vitamins makes this green blend a perfect natural multivitamin without the nasties and synthetic nutrients found in most multivitamins.


Fruit and vegetables for a vitamin and antioxidant boost

Beetroot helps increase oxygen intake bringing energy to the brain while Lemon and Coconut water help flavour this boost naturally assisting the cells with hydration, electrolyte balance and potassium which helps to naturally stimulate brain and nerve function.


Product disclaimer:

Boost powders are to assist in maintaining health and do not claim to cure any acute or chronic health issues. Check with your health practitioner to work through health issues that require practitioner assistance. Be sure to check if this boost powder is suitable for you if you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant, on medication and / or dealing with complex health issues. If you have any unexplained symptoms please check with your Doctor or Specialist. Contact the Green Naturopath for further information.