Woman Warrior Herbal Tea

50g - 30 servings per pack

Woman warrior tea is a calming blend of herbs and flowers to assist with hormonal health to leave you feeling more balanced, energised and replenished with every cup.



Organic Ingredinets*

Calendula*, Chaste berry*, Alfalfa*, Lemon grass*, Rose*, Spearmint*.


About the ingredients:

Calendula and Chaste tree assists with regulating the reproductive system helping with premenstrual syndrome, hormonal acne and the release of excess oestrogen. Alfalfa assists with Oestrogen modulation and is highly beneficial for women going through menopausal symptoms. Rose petals are to nurture the heart chakra and balance hormones. Spearmint and Lemon Grass assist with symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause cooling and reducing heat and inflammation in the body.


Product disclaimer:

Herbal teas are to assist in maintaining health and do not claim to cure any acute or chronic health issues. Check with your health practitioner to work through health issues that require practitioner assistance. Be sure to check if Suzanna’s Natural Life herbal teas are suitable for you if you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant, on medication and / or dealing with complex health issues. If you have any unexplained symptoms please check with your Doctor or Specialist. Contact the Green Naturopath for further information.