Falafel patties

Makes 20

Falafel patties is a great source of protein and can be used as a side or with dips such as the traditional Middle Eastern tahini sauce or they can even be even added into a tasty salad wrap.

Granola Crunch

This is a great little breakfast crunch treat I like to have in the warmer months with fresh seasonal fruit and a little pot set yoghurt. The cinnamon in this recipe is great for stabilising blood sugar levels and is also very warming in the winter months.

Granola crunch is nice by itself as a quick snack, added with your favourite dairy free milk with fresh fruit as a breakfast or snack option or sprinkled onto smoothie bowls.

Healthy Pizza

Pizza can be healthy, simple and easy to master. Follow these guidelines when making your next healthy pizza.


Hummus is nutritionally balanced and great added to just about anything. Great for vegetable sticks, crackers, as a spread on bread or wraps, mixed with your main meal as extra flavour.

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